The methodical questions of the empyrical research aim to organize, on one hand the supply of the quantitative distribution of brands and the unique ways of capturing the attention on the other hand. The product range of JUJJ Jewellery is expanding with a bracelet family in 2014 that creates an answer for the question of mass product, premium and promotional object in one single collection. MOME Diploma, ©2014, Supervisor: Balázs Orlai, Video: Mátyás Molnár, Hair: Márk Károlyi, Make-up: Tímea Vozák, Model: Júlia Szilbek, Dress: Dóri Tomcsányi, Flashback Studio.
  • JUJJ Octave

    The new bracelet collection-named Octave after for its shape-has variations in rose gold and silver colours. It reaches its airy balanced appearence by the cheeky way of using equilibrium. The clear luminance of the surface, and the unique framing creates its singular effect by wearing multiple pieces of the collection simultaneously.   ©2013    Designer: Janka Juhos, Photo: Gergő Gönczöl@Flashback Studio, Styling: Judit Sinkovics, Model: Pepe@Artmodels, Make up: Kata Szelepcsényi
  • JUJJ Polygons

    Brilliant, princess, marquise, pear, emerald, radiant, asscher, cushion. What else? You can find the answer in JUJJ Jewellery Collection.    ©2012    Designer: Janka Juhos, Photo: Gergő Gönczöl@Flashback Studio
  • Color Project

    The collection is a collaboration with COLOR PROJECT by Dóri Tomcsányi. These boldly colored pieces are charaterised by the layering of membrane-thin wood and non-ferrous metal which produces a natural yet felxible stucture and a timeless and organic design with a fresh modern touch.      © 2011      Designer: Janka Juhos, Photo: Gergő Gönczöl@Flashback Studio, Mátyás Molnár http://doritomcsanyi.com/  http://thegardenstudio.hu/

  • Essentia Femina

    The first jewelry collection is the spatial manifestation of feminine essence. The body of the pieces are soft rounded shapes which define an intimate space. They are the reinterpretation of primitive fertility symbols.     ©2010    Designer: Janka Juhos, Photo: Péter Pál Vesmás, Attila Udvardi