The JUJJ Jewellery collections designed by Janka Juhos from Budapest, Hungary. In 2010 she founded her own jewelry design manufacture, JUJJ. In 2014 she graduated at Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design. Each piece of her work is about the constant search for harmony: the shapings of a firm but light feminity, on the borderline of object design and fashion. The typical rationality and brick-by-brick building of the brand created possibilities of introduction for JUJJ in multiple metropolises abroad- New York, Paris, Helsinki and Moscow. The protagonists of the design process are the faith in the power of the material and the shaping, and also the possibilities residing in them. They reflect the ideas as witty and sophisticated visual metaphors. The determinative character of jewellery is the playfulness with the surfaces and the proportions. JUJJ is the pleasure of a sudden surprise, like when you finally find what you were looking for. Signs of a personal resolution, where the jewels appear as silent symbiotes of the wearer.

International exhibitions:
2015 Florence Design Week | La Murate | Florence
2014 Shapes of Hungary | Museu del Disseny | Barcelona
2013 DesignSuperMarket | Kafka’s House | Prague
2013 LOOT: MAD about jewelry | Museum of Art and Design | New York
2012 Color Reinvented Exhibition | Hungarian Cultural and Scientific Center | Helsinki
2011 Hungarian Fashion in Paris | Embassy of the Republic of Hungary | Paris
2011 FISE Polyhedron | Hungarian Cultural, Scientific and Information Center | Moscow